Boston Hockey Academy at BIC

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Boston Hockey Academy at BIC

The Boston Hockey Academy Dukes, or BHA for short, was born just before the pandemic. In 2020 Nate Bostic, President and a Coach in the program, wanted to create an Elite Tier I Hockey Academy, but with a twist. Bostic values the importance of in-person education, which is something that is easily overlooked in this niche hockey business. Having a brick-and-mortar learning experience is just one of the many items that make BHA stand out from the rest. With a minor setback in the spring of 2023, when The Cambridge Matignon School unexpectedly closed, BHA met this issue head-on with a major comeback. The organization acted quickly, and 3 days later presented their players and families with their new educational partner: Notre Dame Academy. 

Throughout this new experience of switching schools, the players will have each other to lean on. With three academy teams within this organization, there will be plenty of familiar faces around the new stomping grounds. The three teams play in the Beast League, E9 Prep League, and Power Prep Hockey League (PPHL) competing at the Midget AAA National Bound level. Playing in these top-tier leagues gives each player the opportunity to develop their game, improve to the next level, and battle against some of the best players in the world. 

In their home rink, Breakaway Ice Center, there is a massive ongoing project taking place to revamp the space. State-of-the-art locker rooms were installed with custom wooden lockers to allow the players to train like pros on and off the ice. The video room is prepared for many film sessions this upcoming season, and the player’s lounge project is just getting started. Just above the Duke’s kingdom is a brand-new training facility. This is where they will work out with their personalized strength and conditioning programs written by former NHL player, Jeff LoVecchio. 

The Dukes U18 team recently had their first home game at Breakaway Ice Center coming out on top with a 5-1 Win over the Islanders. BIC is looking forward to another great season with BHA.