Birthday Parties

Breakaway Ice

Birthday Parties

If you are looking to have a birthday party at Breakaway Ice Center you have made it to the right place... The following will outline the options:


1)      Please call or email for pricing for 60 minutes of ice.  It also includes 30-45 minutes to use an area designated for your group for food.

2)      You can bring your own food.  If you want pizza, we have an agreement with a local pizza place to deliver.


4)      If pucks are being used, then ALL skaters 18 and under must have full equipment including helmets and face masks.

5)      If pucks are being used all skaters 19 and up must have a helmet at a minimum.

6)      If no pucks are being used all skaters 18 and under must have a helmet. Bike helmets are acceptable.

7)      Nets/pucks/cones can all be provided

8)      We do not have skate rentals at this time


For scheduling, we are limited during hockey season but will work with you to try and find a time that works.  If you are interested in moving forward or have questions feel free to email